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- 20th January 2001:

"Ahem, rectification *SMACK!*" by: World War 3.

It seems Register's got things totally wrong, George Broussard explains:
>>Do you (and your lawyers) think that there is any way a web site could post unofficial screenshots of DN4 as a part of a review and it would be legally protected as fair use?

Dunno. And you will note that we NEVER EVER said we'd try to stop sites from using shots. EVER. I just said that web sites take crappy shots in general and too many of them. It was a general discussion about the state of screenshots in the industry. Nothing more.



George, they had us all fooled you know ;(

- 19th January 2001:

"The New Times" by: World War 3.

That's a title to remember, maybe something for a real cheap magazine :)

Revamping the site, making the amount of table tags innumerable (trying to rip code off of this page, and be a genius... it's the same thing! :), staying up late... It's all part of a revamp of the World war 3 website. I'm currently leaving stage zero, launch of the website, and familiarization with posting regularly, and entering stage one which will be finishing and releasing a map, and setting out a strategy for the next couple of months to years...

So, all very exciting stuff, as you may have noticed, I haven't moved to a different server, which WAS my intention. Well, first of all, they wanted me to OR have 2 maps finished OR be a mod developer, secondly, I don't see really much wring with this server, they might not be all that fast, but I don't need that yet. So I'm sticking around here. Furthermore, due to the webads demise that has taken place over the past few months (numerous sites closing down or decreasing services, others fighting to save skin.), I don't think there are that many eager to host my page, not to mention the amount of ads I'll have to put on my page if they would :(

"International Man of Misery" by: World War 3.

I was desperately trying not to detest 3D Realms, really I was. Trying to form an objective opinion about their upcoming game Duke Nukem Forever and Prey...
...and then they do THIS:

"I don't like reviewers taking shitass ugly shots and using them in reviews," he explained. "Use the official ones. I don't think [reviewers] should have the power to cost me money by taking lame shots, or over-exposing the game, or giving away weapons, bosses etc to the point the users says 'Nah, I've seen enough'."

All these people ever seem to think about is money, money, money. Instead of worrying about making a kickass game and thereby eliminating the possibility to take "lame shots", they're trying to make these things exclusive, nice, surely something to attract some media attention (Note to self - Aah, what am I doing!?), but it'll keep me a long way from buying the game, no matter how incredibly cool it may turn out to be.
Oh, and BTW, I have never felt less attracted to a game because it was overexposed in a review, sure, if I didn't want my experience spoiled I didn't look at all of them, but it never got me thinking: "Okay, now that I've seen all those screenshots, I guess I don't need to buy the game." or "Nah, I've seen enough"

I can't stand Microsoft, let alone people who are sick enough to try to act like it. BARF!

I'm Still DAMN excited 'bout Prey though, they can't take that away from me :)

"Deathmap v1" by: World War 3.

Mapping away, it's looking quite nice now, but still not near finished. "Wrapping things up as I go" was clearly overestimating my own sloppyness... :)

- 14-01-2001: "Which reminds me, Prey." by: World War 3.

Wanna see superior graphics?
Termite's New World Order

It just came up to me, Prey.
The last I heard of it, it's been canned. So I took a quick look at a couple of it's screenshots and I thought "Damn, it's such a shame" You see, there is quite a lot of really cool level-design in there, so much work done, and now it's just sitting somewhere becoming obsolete. Then I went for a quick look to and I noticed on a post from August 31st 2000 that 3DRealms hasn't canned Prey, they just put the project on ice, to be able to focus on releasing Duke Nukem Forever.
No matter what truth lies in that promise, it still keeps me excited.

Oh yeah, and then there is that thing called Medal of Honor.
I was damn excited when I heard about the reincarnation of Wolfenstein 3D by Grey Matter (formerly XatriX). However, not too long ago, I heard about another WW2 game based upon the Q3Engine, called Medal of Honor by 2015. And now the first screenshots are released and I have to say "DAMN, this is looking better than Return to Wolf"
It's level of detail is simply stunning, I can't whait to hear about the gameplay, cause it looks a bit less straight forward then Return to Wolf. I think Medal of Homor looks better though, model animation, level-design all are a tod bit better developed than Return to Wolf, it remains to be seen which one will be most fun. Return to Wolf is set to come out Q2 2001, and Medal of Honor in October..

Last, Something Awful closes down :(
Yes, it sUx0r3s, but it's true. They're closing down due to the lack of income. They're not the only ones, Penny Arcade is going to move to another server...

These aren't happy times :(

- 13-01-2001: "Taking even longer, and longer and longer and longer 8(" by: World War 3.

I'm really working hard on Deathmapv1, it's not getting done 8(
General geometry is done now, but I need to define layout and do some of the details, then start testing on bot performance, etc.

Having problems with your framerate on Q3 v.1.27g? Get the new BETA patch, v1.27h, it fixes the framerate to the level of v1.17.

- 06-01-2001: "Necessairy Delay" by: World War 3.

Deathmap One is taking longer than expected, but I'm wrapping things up as I go, hopefully, another week will do the trick. Till then, some sneaks:

- 31-12-2000: "Merry X-Mas 3: This is getting unoriginal!" by: World War 3.

Ooops! Seems like I forgot to tell you what My Favourite Christmas Song Of All Times 2000 (MFCS/AT2K, in short :o) Well, it's a thing of the season, so what the heck:

Weird Al Yankovic - The Night Santa Went Crazy

Maybe you can grab it on one of his albums, or you can download the mp3, with Napster 2b8.

- 26-12-2000: "Merry X-Mas 2!" by: World War 3.

Still going strong... I got a little sneak peek shots for ya, I'm not done yet, but I'm progressing, there are a number of very good lessons to be learnt from making this map
For now, take a look at these:

- 25-12-2000: "Merry X-Mas!" by: World War 3.

That's right folks, I wish you all a merry chirstmas!
Run, do not walk, to your nearest family member and give 'em a hug. Cause that's what's christmas is all about :)

I'm still working on Deathmap v1, it's doubtful I'll get it completely finished by the end of the year, but it's a matter of days...
[sentence removed due to risccc]

- 22-12-2000: "Any given moment" by: World War 3.

Wow, I'm back :) I got a little bit of fresh air over the past few days. Ah well, holidays are always too short :( Life goes on.
I'm in the final stages of deathmap v1. I've got a general layout which is quite satisfying and I might be able to finish it in the next couple of days.

I'm playing NOLF, and I've got my copy of Alice on the shelf :)

- 15-12-2000 by: World War 3.

I got the Serious Sam Test2! It rocks, got some screens:

- 15-12-2000 by: World War 3.

Okay, so I've redone the organization of the site, I'm not completely satisfied yet, but I'll let it. If you have any severe bugs (aside from the netscape overlapping bug, wich I'm not able to fix :( ) that need to be fixed, please tell me.

So I'm still waiting for that Serious Sam 2nd Demo that was supposed to release today :(
More bad news: Nvidia bought 3Dfx. It sucks, there is no competition, Ati won't be able to stand it's ground.
Epic is taking the UT engine from Glide to DX. Well that's not even progress, let them please f*ck off! I hate those cowards, really I do.

On the more positive side of the world, I'm almost getting my well-deserved vacation, and after that I'll be mapping like hell, I'll be posting a cool Article in a day or two, and I've got even more ideas. So lot's of activity, see you soon!

- 11-12-2000 by: World War 3.

Aaaah, it's CHRISTMAS!
Well, almost anyways :) so I took a few minutes to fix you up a xmassy interface. It's still evil, but now it's also xmassy, or something ;P I'm going to come up with interesting stuff, but that'll have to whait another few days, interesting stuff concerning both FAKK2 and Alice and, of course, Giants. See you then.

Team Arena, where are you?

- 10-12-2000 by: World War 3.

Quiet, hun? Well, I've been doing some rather intesive learning these past few days, so I had to bind myself to only 15 mins per day of computering, wich I'm breaking now :) I just came t tell you that I'm still working on a cool level, wich should be done by christmas, and that I'm eagerly awaiting Q3Team Arena. Wich SHOULD be out by then.

In other news, my personal collum isn't done, maybe next week, but don't hold yer breath.

- 06-12-2000 by: World War 3.

I always enjoy a good laugh, read what Ritual's Levelord wrote in his .plan:

"I bought a house over a year ago, but I still haven't met all my neighbors. It's a nice place on the end of a cul-de-sac. The neighbor from across the street came over the other day to pay a visit. Actually, he was the son of the neighbors, just returned home from college. He looked like a potential game player, so I signed a copy of Heavy Metal and gave it to him. He said that he didn't play computer games, but thanked me anyways.
Well, last night, as I was playing AoE and sipping some imported vodka, he came back to visit. I met him at the door and he handed me the copy of FAKK2 saying that he couldn't accept the gift. He explained that he is going to Russia to study Orthodox Christianity and that God wouldn't appreciate him partaking of such deviant entertainment. I said "God!?! ...GOD published the damned game!". He still didn't want the game."



You heard it right folks, World War 3 Official Homepage is now opened to everybody!

To start off, I've got some exciting news for you... I'm working on deathmap v1, and it's really starting to look good, needs a whole lotta space though, so it will take at least another couple of weeks to complete. But fear not, I'll be sure to provide you with new hot material, but be patient, let's not spoil the surprize entirely :)

- 03-12-2000 by: World War 3.

It seems I'm not the only one having a Netscape frame problem, same thing, over here:
Q3Build plugin website

I'll be doing something like a weekly column, in wich I'll comment on the latest developments in the gaming industry. Next to mapping, daily new posting isn't possible :(
I still got a minor problem with Netscape, it seems that the menu frame and the title frame are overlapping, I've tried to fix this, but got nowhere, so please email me, if you've got a suggestion.
Thanks for the support, everyone!

- 02-12-2000 by: World War 3.

AAAH, just at that point when you're about to switch off your monitor the latest news rolls in. New Return To Wolfenstein screenshots!
Grab 'em! As a quick look permits me, it looks like they've really spent good time working on the models, very cool. The lightning flashes on screenshot 2 could be turned down, but that's just fishing. Flamethrower looks real good, better than FAKK2's (yes, it's the official "Compare to Fakk2 Day":).

Ha, switched server! Back to "ye old faithful" Tripod. Hated those huge banner windows continuously on the previous server. But everything works so let's keep it with that :)
Made a small contact page, I don't like those direct email links myself, so why should I trouble anybody else with them...

Finished Alice Demo, I loved it. It plays a lot like FAKK2, wich is a good thing, of course there are the usual issues with the controls, but that's just a matter of opinion depending on how much you like 3rd person.
I finished most of the site, Screens and Q3Maps are finished and running, leaves only links page left to do.
I'll be 'Officially' going online in a couple of days, after all the bugs are crushed and every line of code has been tweaked :)

New Alice demo is really cool, it delivers on every promise they made. Level design is just mostly perfect, really cool music (ex NIN dude) and it 's got great gameplay, based upon FAKK2. Love.
Get it at:
EA ftp
3D Gamers
3D Files

- 28-11-2000 by: World War 3.

Done, now this is only the main page. I'll be adding the other pages along the way... within a couple of days.
Team Arena demo is the shit. It's got one awesome new gameplay mode called Harvester, and I like it :)
You can get it at PlanetQuake.

- 26-11-2000 by: World War 3.

Okay, uploading to the new server is next...

- 19-10-2000 by: World War 3.

FINAL site layout v21000. that's it, done, final, for the time... being 8(

I'm redoing Deathmap 102, it's looking promising, I'll be posting some screens soon.

I've redesigned the site, renamed it, and I'm currently very satisfied with the layout. Nice :)

Map making hasn't been on my list the last month :( I'll be rebuilding the map and tweaking it, making a final design for it, getting it out. That should take 1-2 months.

I'll be posting regularly from now on, I promise :)

- 26-09-2000 by: World War 3.

Currently goes under the illustre name of Deathmapv1-02A1003a3, (just to fill up this news page, ignore).

Currently I'm working on my first map, I'll be posting some screens in a day or two, it's going to be a small map, 1on1. But it's not really all that gameplay based yet, so I'll keep it on low profile and prepare some more strategic mapping for the map after that.

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