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News Archive One

Archive One

- 2nd of March 2001:

"That took about a week too long..." by: World War 3.

Well, now that that's over with... everything's up and running again. Unfortuantely, that's the only good news i have :(
I missed the deadline for the Stomped wallpaper contest, I'm going to enter it for next months' wallpaper.
My 'Top Secret' project, needs some extensive research, to give it a bit of content, but currently, I'm not focusing on this.
Deathmap v1 is still under development, I'm planning on spending a good part of my free time finishing it.

"Doom- and Geforce 3" by: World War 3.

Saw that movie from this years' MacWorld. Looks promising, but I was kind of disappointed with the model animations, furthermore it isn't "Lightyears ahead of all competition" like Quake 3 was, when it was revealed a couple of years ago. Model detail more or less looks like that of Team Fortress 2. I was impressed with the full flexibility of the lighting effects in Doom3, looks awesome.
And then there is the GeForce 3. Well, it rocks, no doubt. Better FSAA framerate and more and faster GPU functions (been there, ...). The only thing is that it's way too expensive. Hopefully the GeForce 2 Ultra pricings will drop a bit.

"Eye-Opener" by: World War 3.

Since I've been 'digitally crippled' the past week, I've had no internet connection at all. Combine that with the fact that Q3A would run on a Matrox G400 system, and it's no less than logical (!) that I ended up playing Daikatana. And I must say, I was mistaken.

For those of you who have just dropped in, I used to be a Daikatana fanboy. I used to defend Daikatana against all my friends who said it sucked (NOTE: This was BEFORE Daikatana was actually released.) But when it was released, I couldn't play through the first two episodes without saying to myself: "Come ON, admit it, this sucks.". So I uninstalled, and went back to Q3A.
As I was saying, a week ago I started it up, and began playing it from the start (I'm talking about SP, if I want DM, I'll play Q3A, or a MOD) and it gripped me, and hasn't let me go since. What can I say? I know all of you, who are reading this, have already made up your minds about Daikatana (90% disagreeing with me) and probably think I'm insane or something, but I just had to tell, I think Ion Storm did a good job with Daikatana. Of course there are bugs, and rather grave errors (AI), but overall, I'm having fun playing it, and that's what counts.

And I picked up DS9: The Fallen, to celebrate the fix of my Pc, and of course because it appears to rock :)

- 19th February 2001:

"Ye Screwèd getting Fixed" by: World War 3.

I'm getting this here buddy get fixed, his videocard is screwed, so no progress on any point the coming few days...
At least I had a 4 mb videocard, so I can still see stuff and all :) But I'll be gone now, see you soon!

I've got *No Idea* what's wrong with the seperators on this news page being messed up (they're built on table tags, prolly forgot a / somewhere..), I'll fix that next weekend.

"Wolfenstein Delay" by: World War 3.

It must've been too perfect :(
Return to the Castle of Wolfenstein has been delayed to 3rd Quarter of This year (2001).
I missed the news, for some dark reason, since I *did* comment on it, on Stomped, that SoF2 is in the works. Most probably using the Q3 Engine, Raven is in for yet another kickass game!

- 18th February 2001:

"Explosive Leakage" by: World War 3.

Ahem, I'll be gone for a couple of days, maybe longer, my videocard is f0x3d using 7.52 Detonator drivers... I prolly will have to get it fixed somewhere, which'll take time :(

But, fear not, I'm still on top of things, and rockin' right 'n' steady :)

- 14th February 2001:

"Hmm, TA mappack 1" by: World War 3.

Hmm, really cool mappack for Q3TA released, a small collection of community maps, polished and supervised by Id:

Id's FTP

They're working on a second one, hmm, I love these maps, they're not the same old Id gothic/industrial mix, but they do have the polished flow and design of Id's maps.

- 14th February 2001:

"Packed 'n' Stacked Agenda" by: World War 3.

Buissy days here...
There are a number of things that I'm working on, and unfortuantely, I'm a perfectionist; nothing is done untill it has to be :(

- I'm going to enter the ShackNews Logo design contest, see how fast I can make a kick-ass logo. - DEADLINE: February 19th
- I'm designing for the Stomped March Calendar Wallpaper contest, it's a fun thing to do, but unfortunately, it takes a lot of time off of leveldesign. - DEADLINE: February 29th
- Deathmapping away, got VIS working again, thanks to some good advice from Ricebug. Swell d00d :) - DEADLINE: not decided
- And of course, a top secret project nobody knows about, an official announcement soon, if all goes well.

"Happy Valent.." by: World War 3.

Valentine... Yeah, Valentine.

- 11th February 2001:

"Stress" by: World War 3.

Dammit, I can't seem to compile my level, VIS screws up. VIS runs, and then, on the second line (the one that takes the longest longest time) is locks up at 4... or something. I've got 1.3 Gig free disk space and 385 Megs of RAM, and it locks up! $&@^&@&*!!!! DAMMIT. I'll be checking out some messageboards or something, but if ANYBODY has an idea, please feel free to tell me.

So, what's next? Hum, well, I seem to be the last one to descover that JeffK si back online!!1 (or something)
Check him out, he's still damn funny :)

- 08th February 2001:

"Donuts" by: World War 3.

It's been awhile, so I wanted to let you know that I'm doing a lot of stuff, I'm finally taking on the bot-polishing thing. Remember, this is the first time I'm doing this, it is taking time.
I'm working on some artwork I'm going to release by the end of the month, some sweeet lovin', you'll see :)

I *FINALLY* got my official copy of Quake III Team Arena! No matter what they tell you, you have to play that game. It may not have a gazillion new levels, but the few that are, are really fun to play. I know I'm going to play this for a long time!

And, to fix you up, I got a couple of screens, two of Q3TA and one from my own Deathmap v1, which is just about geometry-complete:

- 29th January 2001:

"Breed Movie" by: World War 3.

WOW. If there was any doubt about the credibility of this game, it's hereby taken away, this looks WAY better than Halo, hope they get the rest right. Check it out, NOW:

Download Movie

Carmina Burana got me into that SW feeling, but that must be me :o)

"Capital Punishment" by: World War 3.

Grrr. I fixed the Capital Links of Breed. Actually, the breed pages were capital-headed, and the links weren't, so they were UNTRACEABLE. GRRR!
Makes you wanna study Artificial Intelligence and set it straight... but then again, it's just a webpage, not something to waste 4 years of your life on :) Could be interesting though...

"Update" by: World War 3.

Now that I'm down here, I might as well tell you how thing are progressing on "Dai"Deathmap v1. Well, it's taking ever more time (! ..) but it's certainly going to be worth the wait, for me at least. It's totally focused on design, and has some really neat things in it. No new screenshots though, I don't wan't to spoil the initial "Oooh"s and "Aaaah"s, next to the "Wow"s and "Woooh"s...

Oh yeah, I bought Half-Life a couple of days ago, and it ROCKS. I'd never played it, in contrary to the rest of the world, but it was a sale, so I bought the whole pack including OpFor and CS.
Got one problem though, my mouse starts acting up, and I can't watch the intro anims, while i never have had any problems with any game, HL is the one to start acting up all of a sudden... blows.

Hopefully, I'll get my new 256Mb SDRAM module tomorrow, that should pump up that crappy Q3TA performance. Made me think of "Windows 95 Sucks" By Weird Yankovic :)

KillCreek left IonStorm. Ah well, it's the circle of life in the gaming industry, hope she has fun at her new job, whatever that may be.

- 25th January 2001:

"Eureka!" by: World War 3.

Wow, I found one! EZ Board has really good messageboards, I signed up, and costumization is really easy!
Check 'em out, and tell me what you think.

"Site Dates Up." by: World War 3.

Uhm, yeah, I updated the site :)
Deleted the defunct messageboard link, it wasn't working, it sucked and it was bothering me. I'm searching for a more pleasing substitute...
I've also deleted the Articles link, since I don't have any time for full time journalism. To compensate, I re-added the Calendar link, it's got a nice timetable for you to enjoy.

"Breed the Wars?" by: World War 3.

As I'm slowly advancing through my first map, I just wanted to draw your attention to something I just found out... it may seem 'moulded air' to some of you (WTF? - EXACTLY), but I just had to say it, before Lucas Arts launches lawyer attack formation alpha.
Breed, a game currently in development by Brat Designs for both WinPC and xb0x, is a really cool actiongame which mostly reminds me of Bungie's Halo (xb0x exclusive). Graphics are sweet and setting sounds cool. But this is what I noticed when I started looking at some of it's screenshots:

And then I went over to Star, to see what made these screenshots look so familiar:

I don't mind a little design ri[`[`ing, and the game looks great, but I just found it curious, and I'm sure George Lucas isn't going to be happy about this :)

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