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- 15th of March 2001:

"Breed's Back" by: World War 3.

Well, at least Brat Designs hasn't been sitting still over the past couple of months. They've released a new movie. Once again, it looks really impressive.
They've taken the same scenes as in the previous movie, showing off the huge advancements they've made, and added some more material to add up to a full 4+ minutes. The only thing that doesn't look good yet, is the camera (which is blocky) and the weapon-effects. However, they've deleted some of the material that looked a bit like Star Wars (see: update of January 25th, 2001), making room for really awesome vehicles with great animations.

Gore demo still rocks.

- 13th of March 2001:

"Updating" by: World War 3.

Played the Gore demo, it's pretty sweet, I like the poly-fx, I really missed those after Q2. The controls are a little bit rusty, mouse sensitivity is way too low, even when maxed out.
Still, it's overall a pretty fun demo. You know your orders :)

DS9 The Fallen looks really awesome, but is boring, that's too bad, I don't know exactly what's missing, but after playing it for about half an hour, I just wasn't interested anymore. That, while I'm a Trekkie! Ah well, it's too bad, hope these guys make some money, it looks really neat.

I'm really buissy right now, so I'm going a bit slower on Project ALO right now. Oh, and if anybody knows how to make ladders in Q3A, please, feel free to tell me.

- 10th of March 2001:

"Well, that's just SURREAL" by: World War 3.

Work on Project ALO went through its third day in succession, made some costum textures, which are really pretty easy to make.
As for anything else, Gore hasn't appeared anywhere yet, it'll be tomorrow then, when I find the time.
Check for some new ALO shots, The Page.

Gore Demo released, pick it up

- 9th of March 2001:

"Another One of Those Unreal Updates" by: World War 3.

Architecture on Project ALO is coming along nicely, 50% done. The big fish will be texturing, and gameplay tweaking. Check for some new screenshots, the page

I might be checking out that 'awht-to-be-awesome' Gore Multiplayer Demo, which will be coming out sometime tomorrow.
Next on my list of Games to Play will be Anachronox, I really wonder what the gameplay will be like/whether or not it'll be fun.

Checked out the two-year-old Outcast demo, the game more or less sucked due to locked controls, but the voxelengine was still pretty impressive. I wonder what Appeal will come up with next.
Well folks, that's it for now. I've spent no less than 6-and-half hours mapping today, featuring all crappy lockups/bluescreens/errors that Windows brings :(
Well, at least I got something to work on. Speaking of work, I got some pretty hard examinations coming up next...

"And a little Appetizer" by: World War 3.

Just to show off my BRAND NEW ASUS v6800 I got LAST WEEK, after THE LAST ONE CEASED FUNCTIONING and TORE UP MY MOBO AS WELL, I've got a nice screenshot for ya, this is what happened after starting up "The Place of Many Deaths" in Q3A:

- 8th of March 2001:

"Nah, not a REAL update" by: World War 3.

Just a little non-international update:
I'm working on a new map, a map from an exsisting building complex and it's consuming a large part of my free time. However, it isn't (yet) intended for international use, therefore the page is in 'a foreign language'. I do on planning to convert it to Urban Terror format once it's done.

For those interested, check out the new Project ALO section for some info and screenshots.

- 3rd March of 2001:

"Hehe" by: World War 3.

This needs no explaination, I'd say:

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